Nothing But Happy

For them, life is constant. An everlasting overlapping unchanging routine.   For him, Days like snowflakes no two are the same. With a personality that changes like the phases of the moon.   "You're nothing." they say, malice in their eyes. "Nothing but happy!" is always his cheerful reply.   Their life is a lake … Continue reading Nothing But Happy


Fire in Your Eyes

Angry, Restless, You pace. Ignoring the tears That fall down your face. Forgetting, All, Your fears. The time for change is near. Beat your drums, Till they’re heard Over the sounds of guns. Don’t back down, Or in sorrow, You will drown. As pain darkens the skies, You still rise. You, With the fire in … Continue reading Fire in Your Eyes


She is a ghost, who wears the cloak of normalcy. A spirit from another realm who resides upon this earth.   Deep within her soul's hidden places, she's in pieces.   She's a mere memory, fading and forgotten. A fragment of the girl who she once was.   Her mind wrapped up in fantasy, standing … Continue reading Pieces